Before we get down to business, talk about the career opportunities at Odd Camp and focus on you, let us introduce ourselves.

We specialize in building digital products and services for businesses of all sizes within both the private and public sectors. With our experienced, multidisciplinary team, we help our clients realize their projects from the early stages of ideation to prototypes, implementation, and post-production. Our ambition is to build a team with substantial experience and passion within their respective fields.

We’ve been a remote-first company for over eight years. Our team is currently all based in Europe, but we've had colleagues from all parts of the world, over the years: from the Dominican Republic all the way to South Korea and Bali.

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Sr. Back End Developer

Job type

Full time
40 hours



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As a Back End Ruby developer, you will be working in a team alongside, project leads, developers, and designers building and maintaining a diverse set of technical projects for our clients. As a tight knit team, you will be involved in all steps of the process, from early ideation, to architecting technical solutions, implementation, and beyond.

Required skills

Important skills

You don’t have to be a full-fledged expert within all of these from day one. However, you’ll likely work with all of these technologies regularly, so if you don’t already master them, then you’ll have to level them up.

Bonus skills

Familiarity and experience with any of these fields is a major bonus:

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TLDR; We have nice perks, exciting projects for interesting clients, and won’t work you to death.

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