Hiring! Sr/Mid Back End Developer – Ruby on Rails

Nice to meet you! We’re a digital agency, currently a team of 9 people, with our roots in Stockholm, Sweden.

We specialize in building digital products and services for businesses of all sizes within both the private and public sectors. With our experienced multidisciplinary team, we help our clients realize their projects from the early stages of ideation to prototypes, implementation, and finally maintenance. Our ambition is to build a team with substantial experience and passion within their respective fields.

We’ve been a remote-first company for over eight years. Our team is based in Europe and Southeast Asia - we are not foreign to working with members from all corners of the globe.

Job type

Full-time 40 hours/week



About you

  • You're a true professional who loves what you're doing;
  • You have a chronic thirst for knowledge and want to be a leading force in your field;
  • You have 3+ years of work experience in a similar role;
  • You are fluent in English and have excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • You play well with others but are just as comfortable working on your own if needed;
  • You understand the choices you make in your work can help shape the world around you.

Your role

As a Back End Ruby developer, you will be working in a team alongside project leads, developers, and designers building and maintaining a diverse set of technical projects for our clients. As a tight-knit team, you will be involved in all steps of the process, from early ideation, to architecting technical solutions, implementation, and beyond. You are a strong communicator and know how to pass on your knowledge to other members of the team or to clients.

Required skills

  • Significant experience with Ruby, working in a Ruby on Rails environment
  • Understanding of relational database and SQL (PostgreSQL)
  • Experience in creating and consuming web APIs
  • Deep understanding of object-oriented programming
  • Desire to work with Domain-Driven Design
  • Experience with cloud services and tools (Heroku, AWS)
  • Git

Important skills

You don’t have to be a full-fledged expert within all of these from day one. However, you’ll likely work with all of these technologies regularly, so if you don’t already master them, then you’ll have to level them up.

  • DevOps and scaling Rails applications
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis
  • Docker
  • Modern JavaScript (Node.js)

Bonus skills

Familiarity and experience with any of these fields is a major bonus:

  • GraphQL
  • Serverless architecture
  • Elixir/Phoenix
  • Linux

Tell us more

We’d be happy to hear about your…

  • Open source projects and contributions
  • Personal projects
  • Experience from business and management tools such as Trello, Basecamp, Harvest
  • Hobbies & Interests

What it’s like to work here

TLDR; We have nice perks, exciting projects for interesting clients, and won’t work you to death.

  • You have big opportunities to influence your job and how we work.
  • You’ll enjoy a creative and smooth work environment.
  • We’re the best colleagues.
  • Remote work = OK. We have our HQ in Stockholm but you’re free to work from wherever you want within the Milky Way.
  • Because we’re an international team, English is the lingua franca internally. We also speak Swedish, Portuguese, Korean, Dutch, Italian and Lithuanian…
  • We’re a team - leave no colleague behind! We try to avoid projects where you’d end up on a long-term contract on your own.
  • 25 days of paid vacation every year.
  • Personal Development Days – Every other Friday, we step away from client work and choose something else that will boost our skills and expertise.
  • Company Development Days – When we feel it’s necessary to learn new things that require more time than one day every other week, we take time off to do that. How often and how long varies.
  • Overtime is our enemy and should not exist. You work 9-5, 8–4, 10–6, or whatever suits you. If you can’t stop building stuff, then go do good deeds in open source!
  • Workload: Every year has 224–229 workdays, depending on what days the Swedish national holidays occur. Out of these, approx 170 will be spent on client work since the following days are excluded: 25 vacation days, 22 personal development days, and 5–10 days conference/training days.
  • Health/fitness benefits (up to 3000 SEK/year), insurance, doctors’ appointments during work. Staying healthy is vital to doing a good day’s work.
  • Pension savings following Swedish standards ITP1/ITP2. This amounts to 4,5% of your monthly salary.
  • Company trips. We love traveling the world and make sure to go somewhere on at least two company-wide trips per year.
  • Education budget. 400 EUR/year to spend on stuff that makes you a better designer or developer. Upgrade your GitHub account? Play around with a VPS on DigitalOcean? Pro account on CodePen? Fill your ebook reader with an unhealthy amount of ebooks? It’s your choice.
  • Your own stapler. To avoid fires.
  • You’ll get a Macbook Pro or equivalent computer of choice.

Applying for this job

We look forward to hearing from you!

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