Happy holidays from Odd Camp

Happy holidays from Odd Camp

Well, that was an odd year. Or was it? After a while, you have to start wondering what’s actually odd and what’s just… the new normal. For us, it was definitely a very odd year—but luckily for all the right reasons. For one, because we’ve literally made it our name a year ago. Then because we’ve grown our team, widening both our range of skills and our list of nationalities. And finally—and most importantly—because we have been very lucky to continue working on things we love, with people we respect and admire when we know not everyone can count themselves so lucky. So as this year comes to an end, we have decided to give back, by making a donation to Save The Children.

We are incredibly thankful to have shared this year with you, and we hope that you’ll join us for next year.

Many of thanks to all our clients, partners, friends, and fools. 2022 is an even number, but we’re sure we’ll find a way to make it odd again.

All the best, Andrea, Annemieke, Diana, Eduardo, Ivan, Javier, Joakim, Joana, Lovro, Nikolay, Osvaldas, Per and Samuel

Illustration of a christmas tree, with the words "Have Yourself An Odd Little Christmas" on top

Welcome, Argjend!

More great news! We have a new camp buddy: backend developer 🇽🇰 Argjend Xhigoli!

Hallo, Martin!

We are delighted to welcome our newest team member, frontend developer 🇩🇪 Martin Gauer!

Salam, Yassine!

We're very happy to welcome our new Backend Developer intern: Yassine Omari!


We are incredibly happy to announce we will be working with our friends at 4EveryPet, helping realize their vision of an e-learning platform for all pet owners, trainers, and friends. More info soon!

Naturkartan redesigned!

New release! 🏕 Find your way to Naturkartan and you'll be finding your way across the vast, breathtakingly beautiful Swedish outdoors.

Odd Rebels

We're delighted to announce we will be working with Chief Rebel, the Swedish game developer, on a brand new project. Exciting stuff!

Happy new work 2022

With January comes two new exciting projects. A platform for community arts and another one where the civic society and football clubs will collaborate towards great success…

Gift yourself a savings account

Borgo is now live with its first product. Designed and developed by us, we’ll tell you more later…

The new Volontärbyrån

A better place where volunteers meet non-profit organizations in Sweden.

For the volunteers

We’ve had the pleasure of rebranding Volontärbyrån, and there’s more to come.

Bildas search revamped

We just released a better way to find yourself courses, cultural programs, or something else from the Bilda catalog.

Ciao, Andrea! Zdravo, Lovro!

Two new team members on April 1st? No joke.